Girls Camp Heads Up!!!!

As summer is coming close, Girls Camp is right around the corner. I would like to give a heads up, in every single girls camp there are bugs. Bugs. BUGS. BUGS ARE EVERYWHERE!!! One of our very common pests we tend to slap at is the dreaded mosquito. There are tons and tons of them just waiting to crawl on your skin and take a bite. I learned my lesson not to underestimate the power of this irritable bug. I went on a hike to prep for girls camp making the mistake of not bringing insect repellent, thinking I didn’t need it just for this small trail. Boy was I wrong, the place was SWARMING with them. I was lucky to get less then my other friends, but I got plenty on my face, neck, and one on my elbow that is so swollen I thought I grew a second limb!!! Lesson learned. Bring enough bug spray to last you the month. Bring spray and bathe in it!!! SERIOUS!! Real talk. It is not fun to have bites. Let the mosquitoes bug you no further have a good day!!!

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 9.58.27 PM


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