Your Once Upon A Time is NOW

I feel like young women today focus a lot on the future. We plan our future children’s names, our future homes, and basically every other aspect of our upcoming lives, and I’m not judging because I do the same thing. In fact, I have a list hanging on my wall that has all the boy and girl names that I love. Of course these will change over the years as names cycle in and out, but I still like to plan.

As fun as it is to plan ahead we need to try to remember to live in the moment, smell the roses. This life is a gift. If all we do is look ahead, we will never be able to appreciate today. Never take for granted the gift that is your life. Never forget what you have now. We are going to have trials, but we need to face them with strength and faith.


Your once upon a time is now. Plan for the future, but never forget the present.



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