Is It Modest?


I think all of us have been in a situation before where we have found the cutest blouse or pair of shorts we think we have ever seen, but it is a bit borderline. So then we ask ourselves the question, is this modest enough for me to wear? Then comes into play the game called head-shoulders-knees-and toes! Confused yet? Don’t worry I will explain bellow!

Head- when you put your hands on your head, the shirt will come up and that will answer your question if the shirt is too short

Shoulders- with your hands on your shoulders, you can see if the sleeves are too revealing

Knees- then when you touch your knees, you can ask yourself does the front gap too wide? or do your shorts come up too high?

Toes- when you touch your toes, does your shirt fall off your back? do the shorts come even higher?

If you ever find yourself in this situation don’t quite give up on the outfit quite yet. Even if it has a few quirks you can still get the outfit along with adding in a bit of your own creativity . Things that you can do are:

Undershirts~ camis, tank tops, etc.

Cute jackets~ jean jackets, shawls, sweaters, etc

and if you really want to get creative

SEW!~ the possibilities are endless!

and if you don’t know how to sew… LEARN TO! (<—I’m guilty of this too)

So with that note, have fun Spring shopping!


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